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With a career spanning 30 years, Marion has built a remarkable reputation as a professional musician, both as a live performer and in the studio.

Described by Phil Beer as 'one of the bravest and best musicians I know' when introducing her onto the stage at Folk on the Pier for her third headline act appearance in three days, she is well known as a go-to person for session strings and last minute gig depping, as well as playing in four bands - TRADarrr, IOTA, The Sandy Denny Project and Fleetwood Cave - and performing as a solo artist.

She hails from the fine maritime city of Liverpool but now lives in Stratford upon Avon. But she has not lost the Liverpudlian love of laughter and adds a relaxing light-hearted touch to any session or gig she is involved with, without losing her professionalism - her hard fought for and hard won reputation as an exceptional musician is precious to her.


Her reviews and testimonials speak for her.

'Delicate and soaring strings....a very fine multi-instrumentalist.'

Chris While and Julie Matthews

'Not only a fine musician, but a wonderful human being....we love Marion.'

Various session clients

'How the hell did you do that?'

Spesh Maloney - composer, musician and producer (BBC, Edinburgh Festival etc)

'A great player, great to work with. Versatile & very able.'

Chris Mason - musician

'I would strongly recommend Marion as a session player!! She has put strings on my last 4 Ep’s and I wouldn’t want to use anyone else ! Highly creative and just as important, fast which obviously can save you a fortune on studio time.'

Tom Gittins - musician, producer and owner, Monochrome Studios

'Marion is my absolute go to for any solo or quartet string work, and have used her on many varied projects. She is so fantastically versatile, enthusiastic and supportive, regardless of the genre she’s working with. From solo instrumentation, through providing a full quartet or augmenting existing programmed string arrangements, she has been a hugely valuable contributor to all sessions requiring strings or additional orchestration. A delight to have in the studio environment - very willing to try various options, very understanding and great humour. Always a pleasure to work with - highly recommended for all your orchestral needs!'

Bo Davies - musician and teacher

'Marion is one of the most capable and hard-working people I know. She's a 'fixer', someone who reliably gets things done and can be relied upon to meet deadlines, budgets and standards of quality even with limited resources. She is as renowned for her cheerful character dealing with the public as she is for her efficiency behind the scenes. Knowing Marion is attached to a project is reason enough to agree to sign on to it...the details can come later!'

Mark Cole - musician

'Marion is dedicated, hard working and inspirational. She is passionate about any project she becomes involved in and gives 110% of her creativity, energy and enthusiasm.'

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